Exclusively Distributed Brands


Cort Guitars

For over 5 decades, Cort Guitars has been dedicated to manufacturing some of the finest guitars and basses that have been provided to musicians around the world. As guitar manufacturing moves forward into the 21st century, Cort has continued to evolve by implementing only the most precise and innovative manufacturing techniques, coupled with traditional designs in order to provide today's musicians with an astounding instrument at an unparalleled value.


Powerwerks Pro Audio

Developed in 2008 alongside the creation of the PW50, Powerwerks Pro Audio has quickly gained market-share and consumer trust based on its ability to provide an enormously big sound, in an extremely small package. All Powerwerks products are extensively designed in the USA and provide both musicians and mobile-DJ's a complete line of pro-audio products with a modern aesthetic, scaling options, and a myriad of feature sets based on application. With products ranging from personal PA's to fly-able 1,000 Watt full-range speakers, Powerwerks continues to raise the bar in terms of consumer expectation as compared to affordability.


UFIP Earcreated Cymbals

Since 1931, from the heart of Tuscany, UFIP produces the finest cymbals in the world. What sets UFIP apart from the rest you may ask? The answer is a unique casting process called "Rotocasting". While every other cymbal on the market is a result of a process of rolling and force pressing, UFIP Professional Rotocast cymbals are created through a procedure of centrifuge casting in which every process of the manufacturing is completed by hand. UFIP is not a mass product; therefore only available through specialty shops with the highest expectations. Next time you are considering a cymbal, trust your ears and #PlayTheDifference.


G7th Capos

With so many capo choices available on the market today, the decision on which is right for you should be easy; Choose the Best Capo. At G7th Capos, they design so you can play - and to further ensure consumer confidence they back every capo with a Free Lifetime Warranty. Today G7th's flagship is the Performance 2 Capo with adjustable tension and use with one hand operation. Directly around the corner we invite you to keep an eye open for the new Heritage Capo with Adaptive Radius Technology (A.R.T.)...certain to set the new standard in capo manufacturing. 

Ashdown Engineering

Better Bass since '97. Armed with a wealth of experience and a head full of ideas, Mark Gooday brought Ashdown to life with a simple vision - "to build....nay... to engineer a better bass amp." Since then, Ashdown Amplifiers have become easily recognizable with their trademark VU Meter, and more often than not are found on major stages around the globe being played by A+ Level artists actively performing night after night. 

Mahalo Ukuleles

Meaning "thanks" or "gratitude" in Hawaiian, Mahalo would like to thank you for making it the world's most played ukulele. Mahalo's range of ukuleles covers a broad range of styles and sizes, from traditional soprano ukes to wide-neck models, and into the realm of the most creative shapes you've ever seen! Glow-In-The-Dark Alien Ukuleles....yes, we have them! Each ukulele is manufactured in a purpose built factory wholly owned by Mahalo to ensure exceptional quality for the price. 


Kustom Amplification

Founded in Chanute, KS in the 1960's by an entrepreneur named Bud Ross, Kustom Amplifiers defined both the look & sound of Rock & Roll in it's hey-day. Immortalized by the classic "Tuck N' Roll" speaker coverings, which was imagined by Ross after seeing sparkling car upholstery, Kustom graced the stages of Stevie Wonder, Jeff Beck, The Jackson 5, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Johnny Cash. Today, Kustom continues to innovate and honor Ross' trend-setting past by designing and engineering the full range of Kustom amplification products in the USA from their Cincinnati, Ohio location. 



Drumming without a drum set.....we repeat, drumming without a drum set. Rarely does a product come to market with a description and mission that upends the concept of playing drums at its foundation. Even more rare, does that same product provide an expressive, practical and simple solution that is revolutionary and ground-breaking. Aerodrums is that product. Created for the musicians who want to be expressive and versatile, while solving the problems of portability, space and noise associated with regular drum sets - Aerodrums provides educational opportunities, recording capabilities, and the option to simply have fun playing the air-drums.


Jay Turser Guitars

The Jay Turser guitar brand continues to gain momentum and presence globally based on its ability to manufacture a wide-range of guitars at an unbeatable value. Made up of both acoustic and electric instruments, Jay Turser provides the budget- minded player the ability to capture familiar shapes in a wide variety of finishes and options, and appointments to set them apart from other entry-level guitar builders. Find out what precision manufacturing and well-executed product development can provide. 

Valencia Classical Guitars

Established in 1972 out of Melbourne, Australia, Valencia set out to provide guitarists with excellent quality and value in an instrument of great sound quality and ease of play. Over the past 40+ years Valencia has grown to become one of the top choices of educators and students across Australia, and many countries in Europe based on their VC203 & VC204 Hybrid Neck Guitars. We are excited to introduce Valencia into the USA Market.